2000 Spanish Irregular Verbs‘2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs’, was originally released in 2007 and a revised 2nd edition was released a year later. It is a downloadable Spanish verb conjugation book that covers purely irregular Spanish verbs. The book is an extremely concise collection of irregular verbs that is available in downloadable format and is uniquely arranged so as to make locating and understanding Spanish irregular verbs as easy as possible.

Each verb is shown in 10 indicative tenses, 8 subjunctive tenses, the imperative and the present continuous forms and each of these is accompanied by the exact translation in English.

2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs is in my opinion as a student of Spanish, the best downloadable verb conjugation book currently found online as it was designed by a student of Spanish for his personal use simply because he found that the standard format of ‘over-the-counter’ verb conjugation books just did not provide the assistance he wanted or needed.

‘2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs’ costs a mere $2 which will save you a considerable amount of money because there is no need for you to purchase dozens of other conjugation books because EVERYTHING YOU NEED is covered in ‘2000+’.


‘2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs’ was compiled by myself, Daniel Major in 2007. Yes, I am the aforementioned student of Spanish, I am also the owner and designer of this website.

Learning irregular Spanish verbs, as with many other languages, has always been one of the most difficult hurdles for many students to overcome and unfortunately, there is no magic wand that would make it any easier. Or is there?

Given the right tools, studying irregular Spanish verbs WILL certainly become a lot easier.

When researching Spanish verbs I could never find a book that covered each and every verb I needed, and as a result I ended up having quite a collection of conjugation books, most of which do little but gather dust on my bookshelf. It was then that I decided to put together my own irregular verb conjugation book and after several months of gathering the relevant information, compiling it and finally editing it into a format that would suit how a student would use it; I had completed compiling a book that I believe will help all students of Spanish no matter what level. (Is it just me who thinks whoever puts verb conjugation books together doesn’t think about how they are going to be used by an average student?)

In fact, I was so successful with my compilation that a couple of Spanish teachers I had asked to proof it for me were that impressed they wanted a copy each for themselves, and they both tell me that they still prefer to use it regularly to cross reference, rather than their old verb conjugation books!

‘2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs’…is a compact, but detailed 195 page, EASY TO USE instantly downloadable book that covers more irregular verbs, more comprehensively, than any book I was able to find online, and boy did I look. It is beneficial to both students and tutors alike.

Each verb is displayed in an easy to use, and easily understandable, format making studying so much faster and much more enjoyable – even if you’re a complete beginner!

Here is what you’ll discover inside this 195-page verb book.(PDF Format):

  • How you’ll save time by having all the irregular verbs you’ll ever need at your fingertips
  • A ‘unique’ coded index, allowing the student to quickly and easily find the correct form of verb irregularity
  • A bilingual index
  • All verb tenses explained simply but precisely
  • 10 complete tenses for the indicative mood, 8 for the subjunctive
  • Imperative and present continuous tenses are all covered for each verb!
  • Unlike many other verb books each conjugation is accompanied by the exact translation in English
  • All irregular past participles are listed
  • Blank verb table sheets for your personal use

Have a Copy of this 195-Page Spanish Irregular Verb Book For the Great Value Price of Just $2

For those of you who do not like purchasing blindly you can get a good feel for the quality of my book by visiting the irregular verb pages on this site where you can either download or print the following irregular verb conjugation sheets taken directly from ‘ 2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs ‘: Ser, Estar, Tener, Haber and Ir

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Should you decide to buy ‘2000+ Spanish Irregular Verbs’, and it would be a wise decision to do so! You’ll be protected by my 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, just let me know within 30 days and you’ll get your 2 bucks RIGHT back – no questions asked!

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Daniel Major