Estar Future TenseLearning how to conjugate estar is quite hard on the whole but there are are few exceptions, one of these being the future tense.

The future tense of estar, as well as the imperfect and the progressive tenses, are regular in formation.

In estar future tense as with all other regular -ar verbs in this tense are formed using the infinitive of the verb plus an ending which are shown below.

Although estar future tense is not too difficult to learn the other irregular tenses will be a little more testing, and will take a while to fully master.

Estar Future Tense

  • 1st person singular (yo) estaré I will have
  • 2nd person singular (tú) estarás you will have
  • 3rd person singular (él/ella/usted) estará he/she and you will have
  • 1st person plural (nosotros/as) estaremos we will have
  • 2nd person plural (vosotros/as) estaréis you will have
  • 3rd person plural (ellos/ellas/ustedes) estarán they/you will have

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