Estar ImperfectThe imperfect tense of Estar is relatively straight forward to learn as long as you know how the past tense called the imperfect is formed in the regular conjugation for -ar verbs.

Most tenses for Estar are VERY irregular, unlike the imperfect ESTAR, and mastering them can be quite difficult but this can be made a great deal easier, not to mention far more enjoyable, by simply using a verb training tool like the Verbarrator.

Check out the tab at the top of this page for more information…. but in the meantime…

Estar Imperfect Conjugation

  • 1st person singular (yo) estaba I was being
  • 2nd person singular (tú) estabas you were being
  • 3rd person singular (él/ella/usted) estaba he/she was being and, you were being
  • 1st person plural (nosotros/as) estábamos we were being
  • 2nd person plural (vosotros/as) estabais you were being
  • 3rd person plural (ellos/ellas/ustedes) estaban they/you were being

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