Ser Present TenseSer, meaning ‘to be‘, is the first irregular verb that many students encounter and is also one of the most irregular Spanish verbs, having irregularities in almost every tense, except the future and the conditional tenses.

However, it is with the present tense of ser that all students will begin and this tense is displayed below:


  • Yo soy – I am
  • tú eres – you are (familiar)
  • él es – he is
  • ella es – she is
  • usted es – you are (polite)


  • nosotros/as somos – we are
  • vosotros/as sois – you are (familiar)
  • ellos son – they are
  • ustedes son – you are (polite)

It does take a little time to memorize the unique conjugation patterns of the irregular verb ser and also, when it should be used. It is common for new students to be confused between ser and the equally irregular estar as they both mean ‘to be‘!

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