Tener in the Subjunctive, as with the the indicative, is extremely irregular in all tenses. The subjunctive as outlined in previous posts is used a lot more in Spanish than it is in English where it is rarely put to use.

Although I will probably be shot by the language purists who may read read this, the average student need not worry too much about the subjunctive because the indicative mood and it’s tenses are used much more frequently and are much more worthy of attention. Having said that, if you are a more advanced student then the following conjugations will be of great use to you.

Tener in the Subjunctive

Present Tense Subjunctive

  • (yo) tenga
  • (tú) tengas
  • (él/ella/usted) tenga
  • (nosotros/as) tengamos
  • (vosotros/as) tengáis
  • (ellos/ellas/ustedes) tengan

Imperfect Tense Subjunctive

  • (yo) tuviera or tuviese
  • (tú) tuvieras or tuvieses
  • (él/ella/usted) tuviera or tuviese
  • (nosotros/as) tuviéramos or tuviésemos
  • (vosotros/as) tuvierais or tuvieseis
  • (ellos/ellas/ustedes) tuvieran or tuviesen

Future Tense Subjunctive

  • (yo) tuviere
  • (tú) tuvieres
  • (él/ella/usted) tuviere
  • (nosotros/as) tuviéremos
  • (vosotros/as) tuviereis
  • (ellos/ellas/ustedes) tuvieren

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