The preterite tense is one of those tenses that seems to be irregular no matter which verb you are learning… unfortunately, the Spanish verb ‘ir’ is no exception!

Ir conjugated in the Preterite tense

  • yo fui - I went
  • tú fuiste – you went (formal singular)
  • él/ella fue – he/she went
  • usted fue – you went (polite singular)
  • nosotros/as fuimos – we went
  • vosotros/as fuisteis – you went (formal plural)
  • ellos/ellas fueron – they went
  • ustedes fueron – you went (polite plural)

The confusion with the preterite conjugation of ir doesn’t end there either…for those of you that are quite astute in noticing that the preterite of ir is conjugated exactly the same as the preterite conjugation of ser – ‘to be’ congratulations.

My initial thought when starting to study both of these verbs was that there was some kind of misprint but that isn’t the case.

For a full explanation of the difference between ser and ir in the preterite and how they are used check out a previous post of mine ‘How to Conjugate Ser in the Preterite Tense‘ where all is explained!

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