Ir Subjunctive ConjugationThe Spanish subjunctive is often confusing to many students as it is a mood that is hardly ever used in English yet in Spanish it’s use is common, however the purpose of this specific post is not to explain the use of the subjunctive in Spanish but to look at the verb ir subjunctive conjugation which is completely irregular!

Here are the conjugations of the subjunctive tenses for ir.

Present Subjunctive Ir Conjugation

  • yo vaya – I go
  • tú vays – you go (formal singular)
  • él/ella vaya – he/she go
  • usted vaya – you go (polite singular)
  • nosotros/as vayamos - we go
  • vosotros/as vayáis – you go (formal plural)
  • ellos/ellas vayan – they go
  • ustedes vayan – you go (polite plural)

Ir Imperfect Subjunctive

  • yo fuera or fuese - I used to go
  • tú fueras or fueses – you used to go (formal singular)
  • él/ella fuera or fuese – he/she used to go
  • usted fuera or fuese – you used to go (polite singular)
  • nosotros/as fuéramos or fuésemos – we used to go
  • vosotros/as fuerais or fueseis – you used to go (formal plural)
  • ellos/ellas fueran or fuesen – they used to go
  • ustedes fueran or fuesen – you used to go (polite plural)

*Please note the imperfect tense has a double set of forms, the “-ra” and the “-se” forms, which can be interchanged most of the time.

Ir Future Subjunctive Conjugation

  • yo fuere – I will go
  • tú fueres – you will go (formal singular)
  • él/ella fuere – he/she will go
  • usted fuere – you will go (polite singular)
  • nosotros/as fuéremos – we will go
  • vosotros/as fuereis – you will go (formal plural)
  • ellos/ellas fueren – they will go
  • ustedes fueren – you will go (polite plural)

*Note that the future tense in the subjunctive is rarely used today, but you may find it appearing in old books etc.

If you would like a complete conjugation sheet of the Spanish verb ‘ir’ please check out where you will be able to download one!

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