The ‘Verbarrator’ – Spanish Verb Conjugator Review

Can Your Verb Conjugation Book, Flash Cards, Web Site – Or What Ever You Are Using To Learn To Speak Spanish – Teach You How To Conjugate Spanish Verbs This Fast and Easy?

Click on the screen and watch the complete video, it is less than 10 minutes in length

If I were a betting man, I would bet the answer is NO!

I’m not a betting man but I would bet that you came to this page because you know that it is impossible to learn to speak Spanish without knowing how to properly conjugate Spanish Verbs… am I right?

I will also bet that you find learning to conjugate Spanish verbs using traditional methods like verb conjugation books, flash cards and web sites is almost like riding a bicycle up a mountain with a flat tire…am I close?

Hold on a minute, let’s not be too negative… you can certainly get to the top of that mountain, but how long and how much effort will it take to get there?


verbarratorThe above is an extract from the official Verbarrator website which I thought I would use to start my review off with. It’s not what I would normally do, but as I purchased a copy of the Verbarrator based primarily from viewing this video presentation and also from reading the copy directly before and after it, I felt I couldn’t describe the issues I was having any better, so I thought…why not!

VerbarratorPreviously, whenever I had made a decision to buy a product based purely on the promotional copy alone I had often felt that the product didn’t live up to the hype, the same hype that induced me to buy the product in the first place. So, it is very rare for me to be as impressed with a language product as I have been with the Verbarrator verb training software. Everything that was promised of the product was delivered…including, I might add, the PROMISE that it would speed up the learning process!

When initially opening the program my first impression was that the screen looked very busy and confusing, and you would be forgiven for thinking that it looks quite complicated to use…nothing could be farther from the truth. Once you start to use the program you will suddenly realize, just like I did, that it is extremely easy to use and within just a few minutes you will feel very much at ease with it.

Some Information about the VERBARRATOR?

The Verbarrator is a relatively new (released in May 2009)Spanish verb training program designed to help you quickly master Spanish verb conjugations. After you download the Verbarrator program to your computer you can use it to practice and learn over 550 Spanish verbs in all the tenses through a series of fun and fully customizable drills.

It is an exceptional learning tool and the best new Spanish verb software on the market. If you make the Verbarrator training exercises part of your regular study routine it will undoubtedly help you learn Spanish much quicker.

Verbarrator retails for $57 on the official site and is available on both PC and Mac.

Note: Verbarrator is NOT a complete Spanish course. It is designed to help you master Spanish verb conjugation.

So, What’s the Verbarrator?

Once installed you use the program to practice and learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs in different verb tenses through a variety of fun, customizable drills.

It’s a big download with over 34,770 mp3 audio files. This includes a total of 563 verbs in 20 different tenses. The program is fully customizable so beginners can break out the 90 most common verbs as a starting point. According to the program designers, the product has been over 3 years in development.

Mastering verbs is really the key to being able to communicate in Spanish and that’s why Verbarrator is so useful.

One of the things I personally like best about the Verbarrator is its flexibility. You can easily set the program to study, for example, only irregular verbs in the preterite tense, or any combination of verb types and tenses. Also you can listen to verbs in English and Spanish, or switch to full “immersion mode” where only Spanish will be used. You can practice verbs in context, within phrases or on their own.

Why do you need the VERBARRATOR?

In Spanish, as with all languages, a mastery of verbs is extremely important in order to use Spanish to a good level and this is why the Verbarrator is an INVALUABLE tool if you are serious about learning Spanish as well as you can, and not only is it an excellent verb trainer it also gives FAST RESULTS too.

How does the VERBARRATOR improve learning time?

The presentation shows just how flexible the program is as it allows the student to fully customize and adjust the drills to suit their personal needs and abilities. As stated in the presentation, beginners can set the program to only use the 90 most common verbs to begin with and increase this as their ability improves.

The versatility of this program is definitely one of its best selling points and puts it streets ahead of its competitors. It is this versatility that enables the student to concentrate study on their specific areas of weakness rather than wasting time repeating things that there is no need to have repeated hence why the time taken to learn Spanish is shortened.

Is Learning Spanish Verb Conjugation With VERBARRATOR as Boring as Using Traditional Methods?

In a word…NO!

It is worth noting that the Verbarrator is great fun to use..not a word I’ve used too often when describing the process of learning verb conjugation, but one that is very apt where this program is concerned.

My sons, Harry and Jack, who were 7 and 8 when I purchased my copy, always struggled to stay attentive whenever they were being taught verb conjugation using traditional methods but once they were let loose on my copy of the Verbarrator, would happily sit there for ages working away competing against one another to see who could get more correct!

(I would have said hours…but that would have been impossible to make you believe…especially if you have kids of around this age!)

Additional info:

The program currently provides full conjugation for 567 different Spanish verbs but this will be added to regularly and updates will be provided to existing customers and the program is available in both Mac and Windows format.

So lets have a look at these bullet points:







If you want to improve your Spanish or you want to learn Spanish quicker than you are currently, then YOU NEED THE VERBARRATOR and I cannot urge you enough to visit their site to check out all the benefits that this program offers by clicking the link below and you’ll also be able to listen to some of the many user reviews there too.

CLICK HERE For More Information About the Verbarrator Spanish Verb Training Program